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The Pro Track Program is designed for players who wish to benefit from comprehensive tennis, physical, mental and nutritional program. Two tennis sessions and 2 fitness sessions per day, mental coaching, nutritional follow-up, physical therapy and medical support are key to "Reach your potential". For the Pro Track Program, boarding and non-boarding are available the whole year, but the places are limited.

The Justine Henin Academy welcomes players who have ambitious goals for personal development and tennis career. They should be fully committed to this one and be ready to work hard to achieve their goal. The Pro team program, boarding and non-boarding are available the entire year.

Justine Henin and her team of coaches work closely together to give to each player the resources needed to reach their full potential. We are passionate about quality which is why we focus on small working groups, team spirit, individual programs, goal setting and an individual tennis tournament program for each category and level in Belgium and abroad (Tennis Europe, ITF Juniors, ATP&WTA, National Belgian circuit).


From 15 years of age, this program runs 12 months a year.


The Academy sets up an individual development plan for each Pro Track player, including a short- and long-term strategy in order to reach the player’s goals. This plan is permanently adapted in function of the player’s needs and progress. Each player will be assigned a primary coach.

Tennis Training

  • 17 hours per week (Monday to Friday)
  • 2-3 players per court
  • Focus on technique and efficiency
  • Technical analysis using video recording
  • Development of the tactical vision of the game
  • Match play training
  • Possibility for private sessions

Fitness Training

  • 7,5 hours of personalized fitness training per week
  • 5 hours of stretching, injury prevention and recovery
  • Optimizing the fitness level of each player based on the player’s unique body characteristics
  • Regular fitness tests & monitoring
  • Possibility for private sessions

Mental preparation

  • Ongoing mental strength and resilience training by the coaches
  • Mental strength workshops (twice/month)
  • Individual mental development program (on demand)

Tournament support

  • Tournament scheduling (with coach, player and parents)
  • Personal coaching during 10 tournaments
  • Post tournament feedback and analysis

Medical follow-up

  • Medical check-ups
  • Physical therapy (specific treatments on demand)
  • Nutritional education and counseling on the importance of a balanced diet for high level athletes


  • The player chooses the educational program that best suits his or her ambitions and interests.


  • The Academy’s boarding house provides a safe, supervised, welcoming environment for players, in close proximity to the club. It also includes meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) from Monday to Sunday and transportation between the boarding house and the club.


  • Includes lunch from Monday to Friday.

In order to be considered for our Pro Track program, the player needs to have a Tennis Europe / ITF ranking. We need to either assess a prospective player at the Academy or receive a video that allows us to determine the tennis level. 

Please click here for the brochure.

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