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The mission of the Justine Henin Tennis Academy is to guide and support each player depending on his/her age, level and most importantly his/her own project.

All programs were built to develop and maximize the potential of the players in a harmonious way and respectful of the specificities of each one.



The key foundation of the Justine Henin Tennis Academy is the utmost attention to the highest quality standards in professional sports education focusing on :

  • Great requirement concerning the academic program;
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers.
  • Well proven coaching methods.
  • Clear objective based approach depending on each level.
  • A state of the art training center with full commodity.
  • Structured and professional feed-backs linked with active listening of each participant.
  • Off the courts team events improving team spirit and social comfort.



  • Setting up an optimal environment both human and technical to encourage an efficient development of the players.
  • Combine the teaching of tennis with human development in line with our core values: humility, willingness, respect, self control, courage, autonomy and self confidence.


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